Managed Service from PT Medianusa Permana offers an integrated service that includes provision, monitoring management and maintenance a service. With this Service, Customer will not have to worry on their CAPEX and could move the cost to OPEX instead. Managed Service covers: Provision and rental of Equipment and System, Provision and Delivery, Installation, Commissioning, Performance Monitoring and Maintenance, Troubleshoot Management, Management of Customer’s Equipment and System Configuration, Management of the Damaged Equipment.

What is Managed LAN and why do you need it?

Managed LAN is an industrialized service that provides full management of the LAN and WLAN infrastructure at your small branch offices as well as your big campuses and data centers. Built as a simple extension of our VPN service, Managed LAN has the same coverage and the same carrier-class qualities. We can provide services over leased equipment or over your own equipment.

What is Managed Router and why do you need it?

So many problems can be traced to the router. Delays, unauthorized access, denial of access to authorized users, and configuration errors create network slowdowns.

From router configuration to installation, management to maintenance, PermanaNET Managed Router takes over the responsibility of managing your network routers to enable:

  • Optimal network performance
  • Better resource allocation
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Reallocation of internal IT resources

This service provides the Provision and Rental of a Router. Medianusa offers a wide range of rented equipment from various type Cisco Router, Mikrotik Router, Unifi / Ubiquiti Wireless Router, Ruckus Wireless Router, etc.

Medianusa is also becoming the main distributor of MPro Networks. This MPro Equipment provides the quality equipments such as Network Router, Wi-Fi Router and Wi-Fi Controller. This system is highly recommended as it has the latest features for modern firewall equipment such as DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and USM (Unified Security Management).

What is Managed Wi-Fi and why do you need it?

The days of spotty connectivity and Internet cables are far behind us; these days’ people expect instant connectivity – everywhere and all the time. And when it comes to a business setting, quick and easily accessible Wi-Fi connectivity is not just about ease of business, it has tangible benefits such as enhanced productivity, efficiency and teamwork.

In the past decade, the business WLAN scenario has changed completely; from managing a few access points (AP) to provide wireless hotspots for a small number of employees, office Wi-Fi is now expected to provide complete enterprise-wide coverage to hundreds and thousands of users.

Why do businesses NEED to consider Managed Wifi services?

The massive upsurge in the use of smart mobile devices (currently there are over 2 billion smartphones worldwide) and the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) culture has resulted in a corresponding increase in the demand for connectivity. Wi-Fi Networks are now required to provide safe and fast connectivity to a growing number of diverse devices.

Add to this, the huge growth in Internet usage with social media and other web-based applications. Employees require more than just email access and expect high speed connectivity to be present always and on any device.

With the latest technology provided by PT Medianusa Permana, business owners can now monitor their business without having to be at the exact location every time. This unique system developed by Medianusa offers a continuous transaction information on a specific business site.

This report can also be presented in a form of graphical information that can help business owner to decide what to do next for their business development, as well as creating a full financial report.