PT. Medianusa Permana (PermanaNet), established in November 2011 and operating since January 2012, is one of the Internet Service Provider companies in Indonesia. We offer a total integrated solution for customer needs for Internet connections and telecommunications network development to become a company and government agency that is able to answer today's global challenges. For this need, PermanaNet offers a variety of different services, including PermanaNET, PermanaHOME, PermanaLINK, PermanaHOSTA and PermanaCLOUD. All of these services are provided for different customer needs. PermanaNet can also provide efficient, effective, accurate communication solutions delivered through existing networks and infrastructure. The vision of PermanaNet is not only to be an internet provider, but to be the best service provider company when it comes to data communications, networks and value-added services. We strongly believe that we can provide solutions according to customer needs, especially in government.

Our company is supported by experienced experts who are dedicated to bringing the company and its business model into a very successful company in the field of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and Telecommunications Business.

The company has valuesthat are based on corporate culture and work environment which are carried out with great passion. This value will guide the behavior, decision making and work methods that emanate in the daily work attitude among the staff and team.

The PermanaNet Team holds the principle that consistent quality, reputation and performance and customer satisfaction with its services is a measure of the company's success. With this special value, PermanaNet believes that it will always be able to provide solutions to its customers.