Founded in 2011, PT. Medianusa Permana is an Internet Service Provider in Indonesia. The company offers a total integrated solution service to meet your needs for Internet connection and development of communication networks in order to become a more comprehensive and integrated company.


Internet Service
Our Product for Internet Service.
  • Permana Dedicated High Speed Internet service 1:1 to Global Internet, ensure all your business and company data transaction running well all the way all the time.
  • Permana Hosta One stop solution for data communication and entertainment as well solution for any types of devices required by Hotel, Apartment, Office, Residential Complex to increase your positive business growth.
  • Permana Home We understand your need at home to connect to your family and friend on your media social interaction and entertainments must be always connected. Try me the Permana Home.


Network Service
Our Product for Network Service.
  • Permana Link Always connecting your data communication to the supplier or your branch office wherever its located. We build your best network
  • Permana Wifi Access Point Solution to residential complex, office, apartment, hotel. Guarantee enable for any devices and any frequency.
  • Permana IPTV Gateway Our products ensure the highest possible image quality and can easily be integrated with an interactive TV system at any time. This way, hotels may change their strategy to a consistent IPTV supply and combine these services with attractive features, such as local hotel channels in HD. Our customers those who have embraced VAS technology solution are happy with the picture quality and features behind the system